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Finance and economics

We provide transaction advisory services backed by rigorous economic insights, helping businesses to invest and grow.

We provide transaction advisory services backed by rigorous economic insights, helping businesses to invest and grow.

Helping you to invest successfully in the built environment

Whatever their business, our private sector clients are united by the desire to improve performance and achieve required financial returns. At the same time, public-sector clients are looking for value for money solutions that deliver efficiently on their social and economic objectives and commitments for their citizens. Whatever the objective, we help clients to develop robust financial strategies and make sound investments, remaining on top of the myriad of technical, commercial and operational issues they face.

Asking and answering the right questions

We help clients ask tough questions:

  • mgm集团Does a project align with public policy goals?

  • mgm集团Does it deliver meaningful social and economic benefits?

  • Is the project financially and commercially feasible?

  • Will it be affordable in the long term?

  • Can we make it resilient to future policy and market shifts?

  • What’s the best commercial delivery structure or procurement model?

We help clients by developing compelling business cases, underpinned by sound economic and financial modelling. On larger-scale projects and programmes, our economics teams can research and evaluate the wider economic value of a proposition and assess its viability within existing and future regulatory and policy frameworks. We support our private and public-sector clients to determine whether policy, regulation and business models are fit for purpose in a dynamic, complex environment subject to a world of technological change.

Different ways to create or grow

Our work helps our private sector clients to create and grow their businesses, allowing them to make investment or divestment transactions with confidence. We support them during merger and acquisition activity, offering deal advice throughout the process, to ensure a smooth business evolution.

Key services

Strategy and economics

Strategy and economics

Our market knowledge and deep understanding of evolving regulatory issues, means we can help clients to craft the right strategies. We draw on extensive market and policy know-how from our sector experts and specialists to deliver joined-up, evidence-based advice to our clients.

We helped the U.K.’s National Grid to better forecast national electricity and gas demand by developing a new economic modelling and scenario tool. This examines 24 separate sectors of the economy and brings together demand and macro-economic factors to help the Grid plan as far ahead as 2050.

Financial advice mgm集团

Financial advice

mgm集团We help define viable and compelling investment cases, establishing financial feasibility given local opportunities and constraints. We can structure the financial elements of the project at hand, helping to raise capital and secure debt as well as building robust financial models to analyse the underlying potential value of the project.

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Procurement and contracting advice mgm集团

Procurement and contracting advice

We develop procurement strategies from tender stage to contract award, ranging from long term multi-billion programmes to one-off major projects or investments. Our highly skilled team are commercial and supply chain management experts, with experience of strategy development, public/private procurement regulations, tender management and post contract performance management. We draw on Arup’s wide cross-sector knowledge to form new approaches to procurement and supply chain management, ones well-suited to our clients’ evolving needs.

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Due diligence

Due diligence

We provide technical, commercial and market reviews of assets clients are looking to buy, technical and commercial advice and assurance to lenders who are considering supporting a project or funding an asset purchase. For example, in 2018, working for client Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP), our team provided technical due diligence advice for the acquisition of 139 solar and wind power generation assets.

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Working with the public sector

Our work helps our public-sector clients to create and grow their program[me]s in alignment with their policies. We work across the decision-making life cycle, from early stage economic and strategic analysis to supporting investment decisions.

And then based on a decision on how to procure the programmes and projects, secure competitive bids and financing, and manage the procurements all the way to operations. We also provide independent advice on commercial structuring, risk transfer, and procurement strategies to achieve value for money and affordability. This collaborative approach can be applied to funding, too. We structure the funding using flexible models like public-private partnerships (PPP), which was vital to the success of Long Beach Civic Center.

Long Beach Civic Centre

When Long Beach’s city hall, port headquarters and civic plaza required a major redevelopment, the city sought our advice on structuring a potential partnership with a developer to create a new complex that would deliver facilities for same $12.6m the city was spending annually to main the existing complex.

In addition, Arup is acting as lead financial advisor for the Los Angeles Street Civic Building. This P3 project is the first for the City of Los Angeles and the first step in a 15-year plan to develop a new civic center.

Worldwide support

We work with clients across public and private infrastructure in the transport, energy, water, telecoms and property sectors worldwide. By drawing on the insights and experience of world-class sector experts from across Arup’s many disciplines, we deliver thought-through, evidence-based advice. And because Arup is authorised by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority to provide corporate finance advice and is registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board as a Municipal Advisor, we can deliver on the sort of financial analysis to see projects all the way through to financial close.

Discover how our team can help

You can access our Advisory Services through regional consultants around the world. Wherever you’re based, we can help you look beyond your sector to explore new sources of inspiration and identify opportunities for growth.

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Programmes and projects mgm集团

Programmes and projects

mgm集团Our global programme and project managers have delivered some of the world’s most ambitious schemes, from new airport terminals to vital bridges. Our experienced team bring you insights from other sectors, and can help you achieve your goals with confidence.

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Assets and operations mgm集团

Assets and operations

We help clients to develop effective asset strategies. Taking a new approach to your business’ assets can optimise your wider operations: from the level of service you can offer to the financial performance you achieve. Our approach ensures your existing assets and investments work harder, and smarter.

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People and organisations mgm集团

People and organisations

At moments of business change, like major expansions, getting the right mix of people skills and knowledge right is pivotal to success. Our team are experts in behavioural change, business psychology and leadership techniques that can help an organisation to stay ahead. Find out how we can help your team develop the people and skills it needs.

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Sustainable futures

Sustainable futures

mgm集团A successful organisation is always a sustainable one. We work with clients in every sector to discover what the future means for their operations, services and products, developing the roadmap to more efficient operations. We believe doing the right thing leads to better business.

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Strategy and insights mgm集团

Strategy and insights

mgm集团We work with clients to develop sound business strategies that help them to face the future. Our team offers vital market and competitor analysis, stress testing proposed corporate strategies against market developments. We bring valuable objectivity, providing business leaders with insights into new trends and the emerging issues that will shape their future success.

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